The Welcome Center is where the player spawns in singleplayer mode when they enter for the first time (as the spawn is messed up in multiplayer or if the player dies). It contains signs that tell the player a little bit about the map and that fish95 made it.

Upon leaving the first room, there is a second room with pillars and stone bricks with redstone lanterns in the walls and quartz stairs which lead to the outside of the building. A small chest containing four copies of the Notice! book is in one corner of the room.

Version HistoryEdit

  • Version 13: The building is renovated majorly and the building does not look the same.
  • Version 10: The building is given an official name and two redstone lamps are placed inside the spawn room. A chest with copies of the notice book is placed in the second room.


V13 Pictures:

Pre v13 Pictures: