Weinstein's Pharmacy

Coordinates: -19 71 234

Weinstein's Pharmacy is a small drugstore located on Seed Avenue behind the Vertoak City Power Plant. The graveyard of a church is behind the pharmacy. It is very small and only has 1 room in it.

Weinstein's Pharmacy contains 2 empty cauldrons, 2 brewing stands on 2 bookshelves, a double stone slab counter with 1 chair behind it, and 4 normal-sized chests, each with a different potion inside. One chest has 6 Potions of Regeneration (Regeneration II) in it. The next has 6 Potions of Healing (Instant Health II) in it. The third chest has 6 Potions of Swiftness (Speed II) in it. Finally, the last chest has 6 more Potions of Healing (Instant Health II) inside it.


Inside Weinstein's Pharmacy

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