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The entrance to Walter's Watches.

Walter's Watches is a small, 2-story clock shop located behind the Vertoak City Construction office. An apparel shop known as From Cow Leather Apparel is beside the shop. Walter's Watches's slogan is "Keep an eye on time!" This slogan can be seen on a sign outside the shop.

Story one has a checkout counter made of glass with 1 chest behind it, 4 chests, each on two double stone slabs. The floor is made of glowstone, and a large rug which looks like a clock is on the floor. On the second story, the floor is made of glass, so the player can look down and see story one and notice the rug looks like a clock. There are 5 more chests on double slabs on this story, and a wooden fence guardrails beside the stairs so nobody can fall off. Suprisingly, none of the chests in the shop contain clocks.