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A bird's-eye view of the D.O.E.

The Vertoak City Department of Education, abbreviated as the D.O.E., is a building located next to Mario's Italian Restaurant in the spawn area. 3 Central Avenue is its address. It manages all of the schools in Vertoak City.

The Department of Education contains four stories. The first story is the lobby. It is very small and has a counter. One part of the counter is where complaints may be filed. The middle part of the counter is for forms and legal papers. The right side of the counter is for appointments to get into the office.

The second story has five desks and chairs for D.O.E. employees. The third story has three more desks and chairs, the only difference being that they are separated by white wool walls.

The fourth and last story contains a long counter with yet four more chairs, but also, Mr. Pherson, the head of the Department, has his office here. Inside it, he has a short desk with two chairs and a painting, and also some stairs leading to the roof.

Version HistoryEdit

  • Version 10: The D.O.E. is given an address.