2013-06-03 18.06.38

The front of the current Vertoak City Construction office. This photo was taken on the rooftop of the store MUSIC.

Vertoak City Construction is the main office for building projects in the city. It is located in the spawn area, and a shop known as Walter's Watches is located behind it. Mario's Italian Restaurant is also located next to it. This office is three stories tall.

Story one is of course the lobby. It has one small bench, one large bench, and the welcome desk, which has a chair behind it. Story two has a large formation of bookshelves that look like two "T"s connected together. There are also four crafting tables in front of each "T" in the bookshelf formation.

Story three, which is the final story, is like a meeting room for Vertoak City's construction workers. There are two tables in the room: one made up of 4 crafting tables, and the other made up of two. The four crafting table "table" is surrounded by three small benches, and the two crafting table "table" is surrounded by two small benches and two small chairs. Also, there is one bookshelf above each crafting table "table".