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The two boats in Barnegat Bay, the VCS Wakerunner and the VCS Seaskimmer. This photo is mainly focusing on the Wakerunner.

The VCS Wakerunner is a ship docked at Barnegat Bay. This ship is built out of many things: oak wood planks, oak wood logs, white wool for the sails, glowstone, cobblestone, glass blocks, levers and an iron block for the steering wheel, and dispensers for cannons, each one containing almost 9 stacks of arrows.



The top section of the Wakerunner is where the sails, steering wheel, and captain's quarters are located. There is a disclaimer posted on the wall of the captain's quarters which reads:

"I built this ship using an online Minecraft building tutorial. After finishing I realized it looked like one of Broville's ships. Instead of removing it, I put up this disclaimer. I also modified it to be different."

In the captain's quarters, there are 2 beds, a bookshelf, a crafting table, and a normal sized chest. The chest has 8 cookies, a map, a compass, and a clock in it.


The cannon dispensers are located in the middle section of the ship, as well as 2 small rooms, each of these rooms containing 3 bookshelves, a crafting table, and a bed. There are 10 of these cannon dispensers in total in this section, and as stated above, each one contains almost 9 stacks of arrows inside. The dispensers are divided equally, 5 on one side and 5 on the other. On each side, there is a button and a path of redstone dust connecting from the button to each of the 5 cannons. Also, 2 normal sized chests are located on this section, one containing 9 iron swords, 9 leather caps, and 9 leather boots, and the second containing 9 bows and 18 stacks of arrows.


The last section of the VCS Wakerunner, the bottom, is the storage and crew quarters of the ship. There are 6 beds, 6 normal chests, 2 crafting tables, and 4 large chests in this section. Every chest, however, is empty.



  • "VCS" stands for "Vertoak City Ship".