2012-05-28 21.01.39

The VCS Seaskimmer at night. This photo was taken on the Barnegat Bay docks.

The VCS Seaskimmer is a sailboat docked in Barnegat Bay which is built out of oak wood planks, oak wood logs, white wool for the sail, and torches. There are also 6 chests onn the Seaskimmer, 2 being large chests, and the other 4 being normal size. One normal size chest, the only normal chest in the floorboard, is filled with fishing rods, 12 of them having about 75% of durability. Another normal chest contains 4 books, while the third and fourth normal chests are completely empty. One of the large chests is also completely empty, and the other contains 9 buckets, 9 bread, and 27 more fishing rods.


  • "VCS" stands for "Vertoak City Ship".
  • It may be hard to tell this sailboat is called the VCS Seaskimmer, but the sign which officially names the boat this may be found on the front of the boat under a layer of oak wood planks. (The front is the side opposite the sail is pointing)