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The VCSS Further from the outside.

The VCSS Further is a spaceship not located in the city, but rather in the Nether. It is one of the only structures in the Nether so far, besides another Nether portal a short distance away and the Nether Shack. The plane can be reached via a Nether portal located inside the Nether Research Center. Because of that fact, the VCSS Further is most likely a spaceship used by Nether scientists to study the Nether with. The airplane is made out of stone, glowstone, netherrack, and glass blocks for the body, and double stone slabs for the wings and the jet on the back of the body.

Inside the spaceship is the portal leading to the normal world inside the Nether Research Center, 4 furnaces, 2 crafting tables, 2 chests, 4 bookshelves, 1 wooden seat beside each crafting table, a wooden door leading outside, and 2 more wooden seats for the pilot and co-pilot. One chest onboard the VCSS Further contains a stack of netherrack and 1 red mushroom, and the other contains 1 furnace, 3 levers, 1 torch, and 3 redstone torches.


  • "VCSS" stands for Vertoak City Space Ship.
  • It appears that in V10.0 the ship was 1/2 removed