2012-03-14 22.10.46

Standing to the side of the entrance.

The Nomad Fine Dining is a small restaurant built out of sand, sandstone, and stone located behind From Cow Leather Apparel. Across from the restaurant is CobbleShop, a tiny shop which sells different types of stone. The Nomad only has 1 story with 2 different rooms, a dining area and the kitchen, but it also has an additional dining area on the roof.

In the inside dining area, there are 3 tables. Two of the tables have 3 chairs, while the other only has 2. In the kitchen, there are 6 furnaces, 2 crafting tables, 2 empty cauldrons, and 2 chests, a large chest and a small chest. Inside the small chest are 3 steaks and 4 raw porkchops.

On the roof, there are 4 tables, each with a white umbrella above it and surrounded by 4 chairs. There are also small sandstone columns all around the edges of the roof, making it resemble a small castle.