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The Lighthouse seen from atop the Grand Ballroom's roof. Because it is tall, this lighthouse is very easy to notice from a distance.


The Lighthouse as seen in Version 12

Coordinates: -90 140 65

The Lighthouse is a tall structure in the Barnegat Bay area. It is obviously a lighthouse, and while there are other lighthouses in Vertoak City, the name of this one is actually "The Lighthouse". This lighthouse is built out of bricks, stone, stone slabs, glass blocks, cobblestone, and moss stone. A pool of lava is located at the top of the lighthouse to make a light. Decker and Decker Recording Studio is located next to this lighthouse, and the Merrisonace Bridge is behind it.

Inside, there are 2 rooms. The main room has a 2x2 square of moss stone surrounded by a pattern of bricks, cobblestone in the center of it, and there is a cobblestone staircase leading to the room the light is in. be careful in the light room, there is no glass surrounded the lava, and you could easily step in it. Also, a wooden door in the light room leads outside right above the Merrisonace Bridge.