The KVC building is a medium-sized building with large windows on all sides made mostly out of smooth stone and wood, with a ceiling made of stone slab and glass block. It is the building that houses the Vertoak City radio station, KVC, and is located next to the large antenna on
2012-04-10 17.43.01

Front of the building

top of a hill in New City. The building has three rooms; a reception room, and two recording rooms. The first room, the reception room, has a long log desk left of the door with one chair behind it and two chairs on each wall the desk touches. Straight forward from the front door is the entrance to a long, skinny recording room for one person, with a log desk made from three logs with buttons on the side facing the door and two repeaters and a redstone torch on top. There is one chair in the room. The second room’s entrance is forward and to the left of the front door. It contains seating for four around a table made of three cobblestone blocks that have two redstone torches and a repeater in between the redstone torches. In the front of the room is some redstone leading out of the building and downward before dead-ending, and on the back wall there is a lever that controls a redstone torch in the other room that indicates whether they are “On Air”.


  • The diamond block on top of the radio tower is one of only 3 diamond blocks placed around the map.