The Great Library

The Great Library

The Great Library is a secret library hidden under the Island

District. To get to the Library you must head out to the sandstone building between Whitewood Apt's and Edge Of Sands Housing. In the building there will be a block under a sign that says ? Dig up the block,there should be a drop then in the room that you dropped into theres a minecart track.

Another way to get to the Great Library is to find the condominiums (By the Vertoak City Stadium) and look for a brick wall with an iron door (underneath a building made of White Hardened Clay). Inside the iron door is a direct entrance into the Great Library.

There is also a small woodshack (Jeremiah's Shack) in the city with a sign inside reading "Way Out Back of Jeremiah's Shack."  On the left of the building you will find a trapdoor hidden in the grass; go down and you will ride the WunderTrain to the Great Library's secret entrance.

Take the track (its very long and wonky) which will lead you to The Great Library. Plus more............


  • One of the Library's Passageways leads to a whole new area called The Air And Water City
  • The Air And Water City also has a small area covered with glass on the roof,this is seen from a island on The Island District
  • The Great Library is perhaps one of the most popular secrets in the Map
  • Theres no way of getting out the Library as far as ive seen other than pillaring out of the glass roof bit of the Air And Water City.