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A front view of The Bear's Head Bar from the Barnegat Bay Docks.

The Bear's Head Bar is a small pub-like restaurant in the Barnegat Bay area made out of glass blocks, oak wood logs, oak wood planks, and oak wood slabs. The Fish Market is located next to the bar, while the Grand Ballroom is behind it.

Inside, in the main room, there are 2 double stone slab tables, each with 3 wooden seats around it and a torch on top. The bar is also double stone slabs, and 3 more wooden seats are in front of it, along with a half door for a gate. A cauldron, furnace, crafting table, normal chest containing 10 cooked fish, and a ladder to a lower room is behind the bar.

In the lower room are 2 empty large chests, a crafting table, and an iron door which is the delivery entrance.

Outside of The Bear's Head Bar in front, there are also 2 more double stone slab tables, much like the ones inside, except these only have 2 wooden seats around them instead of 3.



  • The name of the bar, "The Bear's Head" is possibly a pun on the name of many real life pubs and bars, "The Boar's Head".