2012-04-07 12.14.58
The Apple Store is a small, futuristically designed shop at the end of Madriatic Avenue , near Callavan Beach and The Royal Springs Massage and Spa in Up Town . The walls are made mostly out of glass, as well as the roof. The frame of the building is made of iron blocks and smooth stone, and the floor is made of stone slab. At the back of the store is a stone slab table with two cash registers made from cobblestone stairs and signs. Behind the desk are, in the floor, two glowstone blocks and between them, a chest containing five gold ingot, 20 paper, and three books. Along the left and right side of the building are two double chests, spaced out by one wool block. Three of the chests contain five, six, and nine apples respectively. The fourth chest contains six golden apples, 24 ice blocks, and 24 wool blocks, completely filling up the space and surrounding each apple in the same way.