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The whole front side of the roof viewed from the edge of the Vertoak City Grocery Store roof. The Oak Wood can also be seen to the side.

The Aged Plank Restaurant is a 2-floor restaurant located at one of the ends of Main Street beside the Vertoak City Aquarium and The Oak Wood. It is built out of cobblestone, glass blocks, stone slabs, and pine wood logs. All of its tables inside are comprised of oak wood logs, torches, and stone slabs.

The first floor of The Aged Plank has 3 tables on it, along with the welcome desk, which asks the player to wait to be seated. There are also stone slab steps in the corner, and one may climb these to get to the second floor. On the second floor, there are 4 more tables, one of them being a large table with 4 stone slab seats and 3 oak wood logs.


  • The restaurant used to be called the Creeper's nest before version 10 when it was renamed to the Aged Plank.


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