There are about six minor towns or communities surrounding Vertoak City, plus some ruined villages or buildings: Abode Village, Stone Hollow, Neputal, Factory Town and Magik Island. These are small towns or villages, either independent nations or simply different districts of Vertoak. 


Adobe VillageEdit

Adobe Village

This is a sandstone community located in the desert north of the Prison and the Airport. It contains an Embassy, a large sandstone library as well as numerous shops and houses. 

Stone HollowEdit

Stone Hollow

Stone Hollow is a slightly touristic town in a bay located north of the large jungle area east of Vertoak City. It contains the First Bank of Stone Hollow, a public library, a church and numerous other shops, such as Cheapers Creepers, and hotels such as Stone Hollow hotel. The houses are mostly made of Oak or Jungle wood.



Neputal is a "secluded secret island nation" located in the sea south-east of Vertoak City. It is built on a very high island, because its inhabitants believe that the world will end in a great flood. That is why the town is full of secret passages, security buidlings and bunkers supplied with food and water. It has a small farm and dock, and contains numerous stone brick buildings. 

Factory TownEdit

Factory Town

This village is located in a bay south of Factory District. It is a fairly small town, with very small housing and few shops and hotels, all built around a large factory and other industrial buildings. These buildings are laden with rails, redstone systems and occasional secret passages.

Magik Island Edit

Magik Island

Magik island is located in the southern ocean near the lodge. Magic Island holds many secrets. The island has multiple buildings set as a viking style with circular points on the roofs. There is a statue made of quartz of a special figure probably a leader/mayor/lord of the town. The island does not connect to the ocean surface making the island seem that it 'floats'.