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The restaurant entrance, seen from atop a tree.

Mario's Italian Restaurant is a small restaurant which is located in the spawn area next to the Department of Education and the Vertoak City Construction office. It has three stories and has a red and white wool canopy over the entrance. There is also a cobblestone path between the D.O.E. and the restaurant leading into a side door into the kitchen. It is unknown what the restaurant sells, but it is most likely pizzas, pasta, and other Italian foods.

The first story has the kitchen, the order counter, one small table with one small chair, a watercooler, and three small chairs at the order counter. Inside the kitchen, there are four furnaces, three crafting tables, two cauldrons filled with water, and five chests which have nothing inside them.

The second story contains two long tables, each having two large chairs and two small chairs. In addition to those, there is also a balcony where customers may eat outside. Three small tables, each with two small chairs are located on the balcony.

The final story, the third story, might act as a break room for the restaurant's workers. It has a couple of bookshelves, two beds forming one large bed, two crafting tables, two chairs, a painting, and two chests (one on each side of the large bed). The chests, like the chests in the kitchen, contain no items or blocks in them.