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The entrance of Life's Gems Fine Jewels.

Life's Gems Fine Jewels is a 2-story jewelry store behind Better Reader Bookstore. The Vertoak City Power Plant is located behind it. Gold, iron, diamond, and lapis lazuli blocks are located in a display case at the front.

Story one almost seems to be shaped like a diamond. It is very bare, and only contains the display cases and the checkout counter, which is made out of glass. Behind the counter, there are 2 chairs, a lever that plays a song when pulled, a ladder to story two, and 2 large chests. Inside one of them, there are 4 diamonds and 4 iron ingots. Inside the other, there is an iron sword, 4 gold ingots, and lapis lazuli completely filling the fifth row of the chest.

Story two is most likely only for workers of the store to go on, because the only way to access it is by climbing a ladder, but the ladder is behind the checkout counter, as mentioned above. Story two is also very bare. It only has a chandelier on the ceiling and 1 small chest. The small chest contains 1 button, 5 redstone dust, 2 brick blocks, and 2 fences.