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From Cow's entrance.

From Cow Leather Apparel is a leather clothing store in the market area. Walter's Watches, a watch shop is beside it, and The Nomad Fine Dining, a restaurant, is behind it. The store has 3 stories, and all of the stories' floors are brown, most likely because leather is brown.

On the first story, there is a checkout counter composed of stone pressure plates with 1 chest behind it containing leather pants, and a block of gold, which was most likely used as money. Opposite of the checkout counter, there are 3 chests. One of the chests contains leather caps, the next one contains leather pants, and the last one contains leather boots. In each chest, the type of clothing is arranged in a zigzag formation.

On the second story, there are only 2 chests. One chest is completely full of leather. The second chest contains leather tunics arranged where they fill the first, third, and fifth rows of the chest. And finally, the third story has 1 large chest and 1 normal-sized chest. The large chest contains full leather armor filling up most of the columns in the chest with leather filling up the last row, while the smaller chest is like one of the second story chests: it's filled with leather.



  • From Cow's name is probably based on the fact that in Minecraft, you can get leather from cows.