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The entrance of Ethereal Antiques.

Ethereal Antiques is an antique shop located next door to Better Reader Bookstore in the spawn area. Like the bookstore this shop has 2 stories. The first floor has a pink and lime green rug on the floor and the floor is white, and the second story floor is green and has a yellow and white rug on it. Also like the bookstore, this shop doesn't have any chests inside it.

Antiques SoldEdit

Ethereal Antiques sells a few different antiques. This is a list of all of them in no order.

(Note: For some reason, 2 paintings from the shop disappeared.)

  • Tall Chair
  • Hanging Stick (Really a hanging fence post)
  • Carnigan
  • Nero and the Burning of Rome (1 of the 2 missing paintings)
  • Barsoolian (A bar-chair type of chair which looks like a stool.
  • Painting (The second missing painting)
  • "C" Shelving (A shelf which looks like a "C")
  • An armchair (The sign with this chair's actual name is blank)