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The shelter as seen from the outside.

Coordinates: -18 71 271

The Bomb Shelter is a building which appears to be small on the outside, but is a little bit larger on the inside. As its name implies, it is Vertoak City's bomb shelter, in case any bombs are dropped on the city. On the outside, it is built into a small hill and is made out of stone, 2 blocks of obsidian in which 2 signs are on, 2 iron doors, each with a lever next to them, and glowstone on the roof. Inside, there is a long cobblestone stair path leading to a room carved deep underground. This room is mostly built out of obsidian, due to the fact that it is one of the most explosion-proof blocks in the game. Ablong the walls there is a vast supply of food and other needed resources along with furnaces, brewing stands, cauldrons and crafting tables.


Bomb Shelter